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1. Wood is a pleasure to use

There is nothing quite so elemental as the log fire, nothing that excites the imagination like its flames. From the moment of the first flames flicker you feel that a new life has entered the room and the greater the contrast with the weather outside the better. What is better than coming in from a storm and rubbing your hands in front of a roaring fire? It’s one of life’s little pleasures.

2. Wood is a renewable fuel that’s good for the environment

Renewable means you don’t run out. Renewable means you don’t deplete the earth’s resources. Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, provide food and shelter for wildlife and add beauty to our lives. During their life, they will provide twenty times more oxygen than is required for combustion, which in turn releases no more CO2 than would its eventual decay. Simply put, burning wood just warms you, not the planet.

3. Wood and Clearview put you in control

In our climate, staying warm is right up there on the list of the most important things in life. Do you really want to leave something so important in the hands of a faceless corporation? You take control when you burn wood.

4. No more freezing in the dark

It’s fair to say, the huge centralised energy sources are not very reliable. If a storm interrupts the electrical supply, you can bet you’ll be left stumbling around in the dark with no heating to speak of. However, a Clearview wood stove keeps you safe, cozy and warm during a power-cut and then it is kind of fun, as you get to use the candles.

5. The romance of the flame

It’s a cliché but nonetheless true that the soft glow of the fire is the perfect setting for an intimate conversation. It’s the place where friends and family can talk and laugh in comfort and somewhere to just let your imagination run free. When did you last gather round a storage heater to share stories?

6. Heat a space, save some energy

A Clearview stove is the most efficient way of heating because the fire is positioned where and when heat is required. No standing orders, no wires, no computers or service engineers, just simple reliability.

7. Wood is good for your local Community

Every penny you spend on oil, natural gas or electricity, helps feed a corporate giant. Spend money locally on firewood and your community benefits. Forest thinning is an integral part of managing our forests and woodlands and a wonderful source of fuel.

8. Wood saves you money!

We almost forgot to mention it but for many wood is the cheapest fuel you can use. Best of all, it grows on trees!


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