Everhot 60 in Teal
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What sort of fuel can I burn?

Stoves are designed for wood burning, solidfuel burning or both and have a grate designed for the fuel type. Those stoves that can burn both are called multifuel stoves.

How often do I have to clean the ashes from my stove?

A stove will benefit for having a good bed of ash for your fire so will probably need cleaning out no more than once a week.

How big does the hearth have to be?

The hearth should project 300mm in front of the fire and 150mm either side as a minmum.

Does my chimney need lining?

Wood and multifuel stoves require a class 1 chimney system and should conform to building regulations. We always recommend lining the chimney to allow the stove to work as safely and efficiently as possible.

Will I still need to get my chimney swept?

Yes its recommended that the chimney is swept anually and sometimes twice anually dependent on use. This needs to be done by a registered chimney sweep. This can be carried out by us as we are ICS registered chimney sweeps also.

What stove size do I need ?

You ideally require 1kw of heat per 14 cubic metres. this is based on a room temp of 21 degrees c. Eg. An average room size of 2.3m x 4.9m x 4.7m divided by 14 gives you an output of 4 kw. This calculation is used as a general rule but does not take into consideration ,whether the property is well insulated , number of outside walls etc, so it may need slight adjustment to suit your needs.

Will my stove need an airvent?

Any appliance over 5 kw will need extra ventilation in the form of an airvent. In new builds it is recommended due to the higher insulation in the property. Some of our stoves can come with a direct air kit so fresh air is ducted directly from outside to the stove, by doing this it does not interfere with the air flow in the room.

Can I burn unseasoned wood?

Burning wet or damp wood is bad practice and creates a creosote and tar build up with in the chimney. Also heat output and efficiency is greatly reduced. We recommend burning wood with less than 20% moisture, this can be checked using a moisture metre to give you a guide of the moisture content in your wood.

I don’t have a chimney can I still have a stove?

Yes we can install an insulated flue system which can either go up the external wall of your property or internally through the property

Will the installation be signed off?

Yes we are Hetas registered to safely install wood and multifuel stoves. We will leave you with a certificate of compliance upon completion of the works and this covers you on your house insurance, we also supply a carbon monoxide alarm with every installation to comply with building regulations.


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